Hallett Cove PreschoolHallett Cove Preschool

Department for Education and Child Development

Projects & Initiatives

Hallett Cove Preschool is a member of AuSSI S.A. (Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative South Australia).

Through this initiative preschools & schools are supported to incorporate Education for Sustainability (EfS) into their learning & management practices.

At Hallett Cove Preschool children, staff & parents have placed environmental education & practice as a focal part of our program and it is incorporated into our everyday practices.

Our Gardens

Since our opening in 1989 environmental awareness was established with the planting of water wise native plants, particularly those native to Hallett Cove.

Plants to attract butterflies are a feature in our gardens.

Children are involved in the care of our vegetable garden and our produce is sold within our preschool community.

Hallett Cove Preschool is an Ecologically Sustainable Site “Storing and Using Sunshine & Rain”.

Rain water is collected and saved in a 22,000 litre tank. This water is pumped by a solar water pump and is used for watering the gardens and lawns, for the care of the animals and for use in the outdoor play areas.

Power generated by the 24 solar panels on the roof is used to provide electricity for the centre and remaining power is fed back into the grid. Our hot water system is solar powered.

A solar powered pump takes water from the large tank to the small tank for our everyday use.

A solar powered weather station provides opportunities for our children to observe weather conditions on a daily basis.

two young children holding a lizard

Waste Management

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

Many of our activities involve the use of materials that are left over or can be reused eg. Boxes from home for collage, drawing on both sides of paper or using faxes and photocopied paper where appropriate, reusing envelopes etc.

Newsletters. notices etc. are printed on both sides of recycled paper. All paper, cardboard, recyclable plastic and other appropriate materials are recycled. Our children are familiar with recycling symbols and are able to sort waste appropriately.

Our food scraps are placed in appropriate bins by the children and are either fed to our ducks and chickens or put in the Bokashi compost bin.

Children take home all food wrappings to reduce our rubbish and families are encouraged to consider ways to package food to minimise waste.

The centre has 2 Aerobins for composting extra food scraps, garden waste and waste from the hens and ducks. Parents are invited to add their food scraps from home and compost from both bin systems is then used to enrich our soil.

Cans & bottles can be collected in our special bin (with the see through window)

Ducks and Hens

We have ducks and hens at our centre. Children and their families collect the eggs, feed the poultry and care for them on weekends and during holidays.

Each year chickens are hatched at the preschool in an incubator. Our ducks sometimes breed successfully and the ducklings are sold to farms.

In our local environment

Children are involved in marking stormwater drain covers with painted stencils alerting the local community to the need to keep our waterways clean.

Children have been involved in collecting seeds from the local conservation park, propagating the seeds and revegetating the park.